Charlene L. Kazay is the founder and creative force behind The CLK Quotes, ‘Quotes that will inspire you every day’ based on ‘Faith and Love.’ Inspired by life’s experiences. Guided by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Her quotes and articles are crafted to uplift and inspire you. Charlene is dedicated to sharing the genuine word of God and inspiration through songs and quotes. She is a devoted worshiper, singer-songwriter, wife, mother, and self-directed learner who finds joy in writing and painting, among other things. She has been a disciple of Christ since 1993. Charlene’s deepest passion is inspiring and uplifting others, encouraging them to trust God and persevere through life’s challenges, no matter how tough things get.

In 2019, Charlene decided to make ‘The CLK Quotes,’ Quotes that will inspire you every day to help herself recover from a tough time that had sidetracked her from her purpose. Pursuing her goal was challenging, so she began a journey with God, focusing on discovering herself and finding clarity in what He had placed within her for His Kingdom. She realized this process was necessary to understand God’s calling in her life. She also saw the need to encourage many souls, especially young adults, who have faced challenges—living without loved ones, not by choice but due to the impact of difficult circumstances, affecting them spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Her creation of The CLK Quotes and her commitment to sharing the genuine Word of God originated not only from her recognition of the need to encourage those who faced challenges such as living without loved ones but also from her exhaustion with false preachers and their misleading influence. She observed that many churches are saturated with falsehoods, affecting young Christians. On social media, some young individuals propagate an oversimplified, ‘easy and sweet’ gospel to gain followers, unaware that they are being misled.

Despite English not being her first language, Charlene prayed for God’s wisdom to speak the truth. She began studying God’s word in English, and since then, God has helped her write more effectively and think critically. Now, she’s determined to share what might be hidden. It’s important to note that she’s not here to challenge, expose, or prove anything to anyone. Her focus is solely on spreading the true Word of God.

‘The CLK Quotes and Articles’ are not solely about fostering ‘Faith and Love’ but also about inspiring individuals to believe in God and themselves. It is about embracing the opportunity to live and encounter the promises of the Lord Jesus. It is a call to forgive those who have wronged you, to trust in the Lord, and to persevere through life’s challenges. Most importantly, it is a guide to nurturing a personal relationship with Christ Jesus, recognizing that God can transform your current circumstances, regardless of your struggles or background. You will evolve into the person God intends you to be.

Charlene L. Kazay is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse educational background. In addition to her solid artistic foundation, she pursued an education in legal and business studies. Charlene’s multifaceted education, which includes a focus on English, Literature, and Visual Art, equips her with a unique blend of creativity, analytical thinking, and practical expertise, making her a valuable asset in various professional settings.

Additionally, she frequently displays her work on her website and occasionally on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. In her commitment to maintaining a one-way communication style that is centered on sharing inspirational content, Charlene has made the decision not to respond to comments or direct messages on some platforms. This deliberate choice allows her to concentrate on delivering content that she hopes brings you inspiration and positivity without any distractions.

Even though she may not follow a strict posting schedule, rest assured that each quote, song, and article is crafted with care and sincerity. In certain platforms, comments are disabled to preserve focus, especially on sensitive topics. Thank you for your understanding and participation in this journey. Your silent support is greatly appreciated. If you are still exploring faith and love, you have come to the right place.   

For him and her


Since I was young, turning to God’s words brought me comfort in tough times. Following my graduation, writing became my way to stay inspired and share that inspiration with others. Writing has not been easy, especially since English is my second language. It has been a difficult journey, but it fuels my soul and aligns with my God-given mission.

My purpose in this world is not centered on entertainment but on fulfilling God’s intended work. It involves sharing the songs placed in my heart and the encouragement found in ‘The CLK Quotes and Articles.’  My mission is to minister to those whom the Lord has prepared to be touched by the gifts He has instilled within me. Do I know the specific individuals God has readied to be impacted by my gifts? No, I do not. I do not possess knowledge of the specific individuals whom God has destined to be influenced by my gifts. My primary focus is to follow His guidance, making sure I neither overstep nor fall short of fulfilling His purpose. 

What I have learned in moments of challenge is that it is okay to face trials. They can bring us closer to God, leading to complete independence and satisfaction in Him alone. Even though some of my loved ones have not embraced Christ, I persist in what I am called to do—inspire people. At the same time, I trust God to handle the rest, as only He knows when they will choose to follow Jesus.

Remember, acknowledging our imperfections is part of growth. Honest confession gives assurance of forgiveness and cleansing, as 1 John 1:8-10 says. If you have not yet accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior, I encourage you to discover the deep love, guidance, and purpose He offers to all who seek Him.

Confession and repentance are not burdens but blessings, paving the way for growth and divine alignment. Accountability in faith deepens our relationship with God and fellow believers. -CLK

When you confess your mistakes and repent for them, it is not something to feel burdened by. Instead, it is a blessing because it allows you to grow spiritually and become more aligned with divine principles. Being accountable for your actions in your faith strengthens your connection with God and with other believers. Therefore, it is not about feeling guilty, but rather about finding opportunities for growth and deepening your relationship with your faith community and with God.

Everything you encounter on this platform is dedicated to sharing and spreading God’s authentic word. I hope the songs, quotes, and articles shared here, as well as on any other platforms, will serve as inspiration. Welcome to my blog; I am sincerely delighted that you are here!

I will leave you with this quote:

'Never give up. No matter how hard life gets, regardless
of your struggles; trust in God,
trust in His word and you
will see His blessings knocking at your door.' -CLK

Peace and love, always! 🕊️🫶🏾

With all my gratitude,

-Charlene L. Kazay


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